Skrapa made by Stoneglass Oy

Skrapa - the fish scaler
cleaning small and big fishes
easy and fast to use

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Skrapa kalan suomustus

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Skrapa suomustin

fast scaling of fish and easy to clean,
for small and big fishes.
effective, easy and lasting.

Skrapa suomustusrulla

Skrapa roller for scaling fish
The best speed is around 400-1000 rpm. Max. 1500 rpm
to use with cordless screwdriver.

Skrapa Flex

Skrapa-Flex (not included in price) allows to clean larger amount of fish in a short time.

Skrapa fish cleaning board

Skrapa kalalauta
Easy fastening and fast turning of the fish.
For scaling and netting.
Heat-treated pine, stainless steel.
Dimensions: 500x115x40 mm.
If interested, please contact us by email.


Skrapa-Flex use: driller or large battery driller.
direction of rotation right / left.
easy to use! Overall length 1400mm.
If interested, please contact us by email.

ordering Skrapa

price for Skrapa:

Amount Price per piece (€)
1-2 32,- + 14 Euro transport
3-10 30,- + 14 Euro transport
10-20 28,- + 14 Euro transport
more than 20 please contact us
The price doesn't include cordless screwdriver!!!

Prices includes Vat.
For sending to countries not in the EU, please contact us.
For ordering please fill in following form, we will send you an bill by email and after the payment has received on our account we will send the ordered article.
Reseller, please contact us by email.

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